Who is Nida.tools?
April 9, 2022
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Nida.tools is a Danish group of nerds, with backgrounds in marketing firms, web agencies and as freelancers where we all struggled to create close to instant load times out of the box for our clients.

We believe in improving in anything and everything. We believe in improving things so that people will have the freedom to create whatever they want.

We will never be satisfied and we will never stop tweaking bits and pieces.

We feel a deep hunger for learning new things and applying them in order to perform better.

“Could it be a bit better, a bit faster or a bit more user friendly?”

We want to bring the power of a hand coded website, to the WordPress community to enhance the web experience and we are proud to present you,

our first product..

A WordPress theme called “Speed” which is focused on optimization, and we have included some powerful features to change what we know as a fast-loading WordPress site.

Speed is going to be further developed with the users in mind, as we want to create a tool for the world. Therefor we are going to release our product early in the development process for then building based on the data we will receive in terms of the needs and wants from the users.