Speed up your WordPress site using Nida.speed
Daniel Kohari
May 19, 2022
3 min to read

WordPress speed optimization


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Speed up your WordPress site using Nida.speed.

One click speed

We use best practice to make your website score as high as possible on Google Core Web Vitals. Use the one-click button to instantly apply 80% of best practices within web performance.


Go to advanced settings and get the last 20% to get your page to skyrocket. 

Advanced settings

Our mission is to give developers the power to create instant load times. We therefore give you all relevant advanced settings for you to make your site perform to it’s full potential.

Which features are included for speed optimization?


Page Cache


Get fully up to date with Google’s core vitals with our page cache to ensure the fastest load times. No code knowledge required. One click is all you need to get going. With multiple advanced options available for edge cases.

Object Cache

As part of the performance package that comes with Nida.speed you get an Object cache which is capable of using Redis or File-based caching.
Using an object cache enables you to speed up all the queries made to the database, which can, on larger sites make a significant improvement.

Browser Cache

When using our one click solution to optimize your site, browser caching will automatically be activated to its fullest.   
This will enable the browser to cache assets which improves the load times significantly.

Image optimization

Images are a huge part of most modern web pages, and often correspond to 50% or more of the total size of your webpage.  
Optimizing images is therefore a great practice to ensure fast load time. With Nida.speed you are given the tools to help you ensure all of your images are fully optimized and ready for use.

CSS & JavaScript optimization

Optimizes your stylesheets and javascript automatically, with the possibility to use page specific css, which gives an extremely slim stylesheet file for the web page in regard of size. 
Using page specific stylesheet will help a lot with the performance score of your website, since it uses the minimal representation of styles needed for your webpage.


Nida.speed is built to work with Cloudflare CDN. This enables you to build a website to use internationally. 
By having a network of servers around the world which allows you to lower the initial load significantly if the customer is visiting your website from another country.

GZIP Compression

Gzip compression is a server based compression solution, which compresses the data in the GZIP format when transferring the data, which lowers the overall used bandwidth by around 90% or even more.

Preconnect & Preload

Nida.speed gives you the ability to preload and preconnect assets which are needed early on when your website loads.  
This will enable the browser to download the assets much sooner, which gives a faster overall load time on your website. 

Compatible with the most popular themes

Nida.speed is tested with the most popular WordPress Themes to make sure your PageSpeed skyrockets each & every time. Just to mention a few: Astra, Elementor, Flatsome, Oxygen, Avada, OceanWP, Visual Composer, GeneratePress, Beaverbuilder & Divi.

Try WordPress speed optimization using the best WP performance plugin

Nida.speed is built to perform to perfection on Google’s Core Web Vitals. The plugin will boost your site’s performance as well as the technical SEO and thereby optimize your conversion rates. Click here to try Nida.speed