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The best WP speed and performance optimization plugin

Nida.speed is built to perform to perfection on Google’s Core Web Vitals. The plugin will boost your site’s performance as well as the technical SEO and thereby optimize your conversion rates. allows developers to give their customers the ultimate web experience.


Speed up your WordPress site with the ultimate optimization plugin

One click speed and performance optimization for WordPrees

We use best practice to make your website score high on Google Core Web Vitals. Use the one-click button to instantly apply 80% of best practices within web performance.
Go to advanced settings and get the last 20% to get your page to skyrocket.


Advanced settings – reduce the page load times for the WordPress users even further

Our mission is to give developers the power to create instant load times. We therefore give you all relevant advanced settings for you to make your site perform to it’s full potential. Get the most valuable pagespeed tips and plugins from Nida.Tools.
See a list with some of the features in Nida.speed here.

Compatible with the most popular WP themes and builders

Nida.speed is tested with the most popular WordPress Themes to make sure your PageSpeed skyrockets each & every time. Website load time optimization is now made easy.


How to speed up WordPress site: All the features you need

Minimal need for a manually handled WordPress speed optimization service when this plugin does most of the job for you in just a few clicks!

Page Cache

Object Cache

Browser Cache

When using our one click solution to optimize your site, browser caching will automatically be activated to its fullest.   
This will enable the browser to cache your assets which improves the load times. Using this can improve the page load time significantly for your WordPress users.

Image optimization

CSS & JavaScript optimization


GZIP Compression

Preconnect & Preload

The WordPress speed optimization plugin that is specialized for Astra, Elementor Theme, Flatsome, Oxygen, Avada, OceanWP, Visual Composer theme (builder), GeneratePress, BeaverBuilder, ElegantThemes and more are added to the list. 

Speed up your Woocommerce or WordPress-site to increase SEO- and conversion potential

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It powers more than 70 million websites and 43% of the web according to W3Techs. But for many people, WordPress can be slow and frustrating to use.

You can’t just install a plugin or tweak a setting to speed up WordPress. You have to dig deep into your site’s code, which takes time and comprehensive technical knowledge that many website owners don’t have.

Many companies recognize the importance to do so because of the possibility to increase conversions on their websites. Having a faster website do help increasing your chance of selling. Amazon did a study that found that every 100MS in latency costs them 1% of their sales.

Sign up for Nida.Speed now and increase your chance of selling even more on your Woocommerce webshop or WordPress lead-site.

how to speed up wordpress site
wordpress speed optimization service show results on the bottom line of the earnings report due to good seo

What can you do to speed up your WordPress installation?

Some users are not aware of the fact that their WordPress site is slowing down because of plugins. This is the reason why they don’t take the necessary steps to speed up their site.

There are a lot of plugins that can be used for speeding up WordPress site. Some of them are free and some are paid.

It’s important to know about all these options before making a decision about which plugin to use for your website.

Even for an experienced user it is a jungle to find out which plugin may work the best for speeding up their site. With Nida.Speed you save a lot of time in searching for the right plugin that can do the job. Sign up today and use our state of the art one-button solution for speeding up your site.

These are actions you are able to do yourself to ensure a better page speed

Take a look at the PHP-version, the server, image optimization opportunities and plugins.

In the following we will explain what you may need to do manually to help your site to be even faster and better.

Running the Latest Version of PHP

Running the latest version of PHP can have a major effect on the PageSpeed and loading time of your WordPress site.

Having the latest version of PHP running on your site may help Nida.Speed achieving the best performance on Google PageSpeed and Lighthouse.

Move to a Dedicated Server

If your website receives a substantial amount of traffic, it’s a good idea to host the site on a dedicated server, where server resources are not placed in a shared environment.

Even though shared hosting may be cheaper, being on the same server as others can lead to disadvantages like clogging of CPU and RAM.

To ensure your site has the maximum uptime, it’s worth investing in a dedicated hosting plan where your site receive the full resources of a single server.

Image optimization to improve the PageSpeed of WordPress

You can also optimize your images by optimizing them in Photoshop or another program before uploading them to WordPress. Or you can save time using the built-in image optimizer in Nida.Speed.

Disable irrelevant plugins on your 

The first thing that you need to do is to delete all the plugins that you don’t need. You can also disable all the plugins that you don’t want to use. This may help with speeding up your WordPress site, but it does not get to the core of it like Nida.Speed does.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service for improving Search Ranks in Google: All-in-One Plugin

As described earlier, WordPress is a popular content management system for websites. It allows users to create and manage their own website, without the need of a web developer. Without a developer you may run into obstacles like a bad theme that is hard to optimize for Google PageSpeed.

WordPress is an open-source platform which means that it is free to download and use. In addition, there are many online tutorials available for people who want to learn how to work with it.

One of the most common issues with WordPress is speed optimization. It can be very slow on some devices, or when too many plugins are running at the same time. There are many ways to optimize your WordPress site and make it faster – you can use caching plugins, optimize images or decrease plugin impact on performance by using less resource intensive ones.

Nida.Speed can solve this issue with over 20 elements of optimization in one-click. Save time while optimizing your website to have a faster PageSpeed than your competitors. To learn more you may contact Nida.Tools and learn more about wordpress speed optimization through their tools and skills.

Nida.Speed – the most effective speed optimization tool for WordPress

WordPress is an open-source software that provides a platform for users to create websites and blogs. Our plugin is tested with the most popular WordPress themes: Astra, Elementor Theme, Flatsome, Oxygen, Avada, OceanWP, Visual Composer theme (builder), GeneratePress, BeaverBuilder, and ElegantThemes. 

How to increase website loading speed in WordPress?

There are many ways to optimize your WordPress site for speed, but regarding the mentioned themes then you need a specialized solution. One way is to use our caching plugin, Nida.Speed, which stores static assets in a local server cache so that subsequent visits do not require additional downloads from the web server. Another way to optimize your site for speed is with browser caching – this will store things like CSS and JavaScript files on their local hard drive so that they don’t. Nida.Speed does this as well.

Start your Page Speed optimization in WordPress Journey using Nida.Speed and use your time to plan your next business moves, write content, improve the UX of your site or product and be efficient doing something else than optimizing your code. is a team of nerds who are proud to be nerds.

We worked at marketing firms, web agencies and as freelancers and we always struggled with creating close to instant load times for our clients.

We wanted to bring our clients the power of a hand coded website, for them to improve the user experience, their Google rankings, and ultimately, the web performance.

So we sat down and figured out that we wanted to build products for the WordPress community to enhance the web and here we are with our first product. With Nida.speed there is minimal need for a WordPress speed optimization service.