Nida Speed

$39.00 / year

Nida Speed is a utility driven theme which deeply looks towards the optimization areas of the production while letting the Elementor pagebuilder do it’s work.

The theme comes packed with a 360 optimization solution which handles every aspect of optimizing your site and makes it blazing fast – ready for the customers.

We want it to be easy to extend

Which is why Nida Speed comes packed with a component based system for the administration panel, which gives a lot of easy ways to extend the functionalities and data handling of the theme.

Some of the components included:

  • Live Loadable List View
  • Dynamic Buttons
  • Rows and Columns for a lot of dom control
  • Colorpicker
  • Selectbox
  • And much more…


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Nida Speed + Elementor

Speed + Control.

With a Nida Speed and Elementor you get a package that ensures alot of control in the building process while ensuring blazing fast load times when going into production.

30 money back guaranteed


Designers will have complete freedom when it comes to designing, everything from the header to the footer can be build with the Elementor builder.

Account pages for the shops users can be build with the Elementor builder as well. Ensuring a high level of control in the process of building your next website.


Nida Speed is built for extending, its component based admin setup is build to be extended with ease.

Being utility driven in nature it opens up for a high pace in workspeed for a small amount of workload.

Try Nida Speed, a different approach – Utility and speed in mind.

Why Nida Speed?

Being utility first Nida Speed opens up for easy handling of customers edge cases that a plugin might not solve.

It does this by giving tools and components to handle a lot of the tasks along the way.

This in return gives a fast workflow and an easy time handling save states amongst others regarding data.

Beside this Nida Speed will in the upcomming feature receive more and more content to accompany the optimization.