The fastest WordPress theme in the world. Increase your existing websites overall performance and conversion rates with faster load times and a technical SEO boost. This theme is built to please Google’s Core Web Vitals.


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Get a better overview on what you are getting with our product by going through the list below.

A page cache which asynchronously loads in the data needed for the current page.

It does this by fetching only above the fold view for a start and then a script reads on the scroll position at which it fetches the necesarry html needed to present the view.

The reason why it makes the site loads faster is due to the initial imprint being lowered.

By removing all the complex runtime behind a page and saving a complete static page we can archive much quicker page loads.

With Nida Speed you get all the tools you need to ensure an optimized platform in the end.

Nida Speed comes packed with an array of tools to handle optimization of css output.

The ability to create page specific css, or combine css files to lower the total requests made.

Which as a reward enables the page to load even faster.

Nida Speed has administrative tools to control which scripts are shown on certain pages.

Its an experimental functionality which will be extended a lot in its functionality in the future.

The object cache enables us to refrain from using the database as much as possible, which in turn enables us to drop the slowest point of our website in most cases when it comes to viewing the data.

We do this by saving static objects for a later time, enabling us only to do the query once.

After at which we will merely fetch the already existing object.

On post change and updates the object cache will update.

Ability to build the headers with Elementor page builder, plus choosing which headers should be placed at which pages.

This gives a huge control element in how you wish to present your pages.

A default header can also be set which all pages will fallback to if no header is set.

Ability to build the footers with Elementor page builder, plus choosing which footers should be placed at which pages.

This gives a huge control element in how you wish to present your pages.

A default footer can also be set which all pages will fallback to if no footer is set.

Nida Speed comes with multiple layouts for the blog setup, everything from multiple hover effects to general layout.

And even more options are on the way in the near future.

The ability to build account pages with the Elementor page builder, which gives an great way to personalize your site for your users. The pages merely needs to be children of the my account page, which will automaticly add it to the dashboard environment.

An component based administration panel extension for the WordPress Admin panel, which makes it easy and swift for an developer to add new features for a customers edge case.

This will remove the head scratch of having to build image uploads and other similar areas into the admin panel when you want to just extend it by a small bit.

By using the components, all save events and general handling of the data is done for you.

Completely compatible with Woocommerce. Comes with  some layout options to change the overall output of the list view and single view of products.

Nida Speed has Elementor as a dependency, as of now we only support this builder.

Multiple extra features to enable full editing of your sites completely from the Elementor Page Builder.

Nida Speed will receive smaller bug fixes one to two times a month and receive bigger fixes and feature updates around every 3 month.

If critical bugs are found the will be hotfixed and pushed as soon as its possible to do.

With Nida Speed you get access to a complete support dashboard, in which you can communicate with our team about the trouble you have ran into while using our product.

We are always happy to help, and if you run into any problems don’t hesitate to take contact.


Questions about our product

Why choose Nida Speed

Nida.tools is the new guy on the block, who aims at facilitating raw power in WordPress.

We’re not lying when we say that our theme at the moment is the fastest on the planet and not only by 5% or 10%.

We are building products with three main focus points:

1. Faster load times

2. SEO

3. Conversion rates

Is your theme compatible with other pagebuilders and plugins?

As of now Nida Speed is compatible with Elementor and the vast majority of plugins. This is to ensure a more whole and complete experience.

Can i use the product without a premium license?

Yes. When your license expire you can still use most of the features of the theme. That being said some of the more premium features like page specific css and image optimization won’t be available at this point.

Also it’s important to mention that both support and updates wont be pushed to clients which does not have a valid license.

Can I use Nida.tools products for my clients?

Yes, as long as you have a valid license you are free to use the product as you wish in order to reach the goals of your customer.

For larger purchases of licenses please write to us at:


How will you bill me?

We will bill you annually on the date of purchase for our support and updates.

This is a completely automatic process, to stop your subscription after purchase please go to your account to make the needed changes.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway and accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express if you choose to pay by card.

What if I want a refund?

We believe 100% in our product and therefore we offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase.

Simply send us an email at support@nida.tools with information that proves the purchase and you as the buyer, and we will refund your purchase right away.

All licenses regarded that purchase will then be made invalid.

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