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Built for Googles Core Web Vitals.

Fast & Dynamic

Built for speed & performance. Create close to instant loadtimes that make your visitors and search engines happy. Maximise user experience.

Built For Googles New Update is built to please the algorithm of Google and our product is built around the newest update “Google Core Web Vitals” Reach perfect technical SEO.

Optimize Conversion Rates

According to Unbounce: Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. Increase conversion.

Integrates with your favorite builders & plugins

Use our optimized theme with your favorite builders and plugins and take full control of the WordPress ecosystem.

The fastest WordPress theme of all time

We have included exciting technologies in order to bring the fastest load times and best technical SEO.

Page Cache​

Enable a transitioning from development to production with ease.

Page Specific CSS​

Use page specific CSS and ensure bloat never finds it’s way to the end result. 

Page Specific Javascript​

Clean up the javascripts which are not being used on page to page basis. 

Database Cache​

Use object caching to keep the database from being activated unless its necesarry.

Client Cache​

Client based caching which preloads the upcomming pages ensuring lightning fast load.

Note: feature is experimental

Asynchronous Loading​

Load the page slowly as you ready it instead of all at once.

Note: feature is experimental

Skeleton Loaders​

Let the users know what’s coming with intelligent skeleton loaders which enhances the perceived load time. 

Dynamic Header/Footer​

Build the header from the tool you wish, and decide yourself on how you wish to build and form it.

Quick Brand Control

Keep track of all the meta data around the site with a simply yet effective tool to ensure no missed changes.


Serve your assets from a static CDN. Ensuring quick fetches of your assets at all time, which brings you lightning fast load times.

Note: Comming Soon

Built for WebP​

Serve your images in an optimized format. With WebP you can cut off half or more of the image size, and thereby decreasing load times.

Note: feature is experimental

Multi Pagebuilder​

We build to support most of the pagebuilders – but the theme itself has been developed with Elementor on the side.

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